For Your Safety

At American Irons Tattoo Company, the quality of your tattoo along side your safety are our highest priorities. It is imperative that our clients are well informed of the state health department’s requirements of every tattoo artist in the state of Florida. As of this year, all artists in the state of Florida must have completed a state approved tattoo artist certification course and maintain a State of Florida Department of Health license. In addition, every tattoo establishment is also required to carry its own insurance and license. These statues are put in place to protect both the artist and the client. Be sure and ask your artist to see their license if it is not displayed.

No matter where you decide to get your next tattoo, it is essential to make sure your artist is following the rules put in place by the state for your own personal safety. Anything that the artist touches during your procedure must be wrapped or covered with a disposable barrier, and the procedure area must be sanitized and disinfected before and after every client.

Definition of Tattoo and Safety Equipment

Tattoo - by definition a tattoo is a controlled abrasion, with a non-toxic pigment applied to the 3rd layer of skin (the dermal layer).

Barrier Film - A film used to prevent cross contamination of any blood or bodily fluids on the tattoo equipment and work station. As well as barrier film some shops use pouches or plastic wrap.

Green Soap - A translucent, yellowish-green soft or liquid soap made chiefly from vegetable oils and used in the treatment of skin disorders.

Madacide - A hospital level fungicidal, bactericidal, virucidal, sanitizer/disinfectant for use on hard and porous surfaces which requires hygienic cleaning. Madacide, used to sanitize and disinfect the chairs, armrests, and other surfaces, has a designated kill time for bacteria and viruses. The average kill time is between one and six minutes.

Autoclave - A device that uses steam to sterilize equipment and other objects. The autoclave renders bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores inactive. A device for heating substances above their boiling point; used to manufacture chemicals or to sterilize surgical instruments.

**REMEMBER**All stations must be sanitized and disinfected with Madacide, before and after every tattoo, including sinks, counter-tops, lamps, cabinet handles, tops of the paper towel dispensers, etc.  Floors must be mopped with bleach daily. Chairs and arm rests must be sanitized and disinfected with Madacide, both before and after the customer’s use. All station must be well lit and bright.  Chairs and armrests must be upholstered with a vinyl covering,with the addition of saran wrap or barrier film to prevent cross contamination.  All inks must be dispensed in disposable cups for single use only. All needles must be single use and sterilized in an autoclave and disposed of in a medical waste bin after every use. All tubes and piercing equipment must be cleaned, packaged, and sterilized in an autoclave with a log of the autoclave in archive for every use.